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The leading company is Paipaidai, which started in 2007. Investors can put as small as to loans with interest rate ranging from 8% to 24% and duration of 1 month to over a year.All in all, I invested a total ,000 over the course of 11 months with an average interest rate of 12% and a duration of 3 months. The second model is more common in China, whereby P2P lending sites offer explicit principal guarantee for each loan they broker.Moon*Face*From*Prednisone]moon face from prednisone[/url] [url= spirulina,vs,chlorophyll]spirulina vs chlorophyll[/url] [url= Biaxin*Dosing*Pneumonia]biaxin dosing pneumonia[/url] [url= Trazodone*And*Neural*Plasticity]trazodone and neural plasticity[/url] [url= option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=179422 buy viagra online in the usa [url=option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=194224#t]can you buy real viagra online[/url] viagra generico como tomar In 2013, there were over three dozen such sites closing down for good and many investors losing their shirts along the way.Before they collapsed, they often boasted interest rate exceeding 40%.As Ping An's online beachfront, Lufax acquires investors by guaranteeing three-year P2P loans at an interest rate of 8.61% (tied to a key interest rate in China).

As of my US tax implications, I need to declare it in my 1040.

Also, Lufax provides some liquidity by allowing loans held for over 2 months to be able to trade thru its web site.

The 8% return makes me think: is there carry trade opportunity by borrowing in US dollars and investing in such minimal-risk vehicles in Chinese Yuan?

My experience in the last few years in P2P lending in China, however, were more successful.

P2P lending exists in very different modalities in China.

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